Allsorts Inc. - Custom Fabrication

133 Sutton Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222 United States


Allsorts Inc. is a Brooklyn-based custom fabrication company owned and operated by Arthur Gandy and Michael Petersen. Founded in 2011 by the two Midwestern carpenters, Gandy and Petersen bring over 30 years of combined building and design experience to a wide range of projects. Along with a staff of highly skilled artists and craftspeople, Allsorts Inc. has the fabrication capacity to handle any type or scale of construction project, from furniture building and art pedestal construction, to full interior installations for photo sets, restaurants and bars, and gallery spaces. For any project requiring professional, precise and punctual service, Allsorts Inc. is dedicated to satisfying your fabrication needs. Our Laguna CNC router has an oversized 5' x 12' bed and can carve up to 4 inch thick dimensional objects using standard sheet goods including plexiglass and rigid foam.

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