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Most of us would agree it would have to have a strong basic workbench to begin future projects. For starters a strong basic Garage or Woodworking Workbench must be sturdy, no wobbling. It also must have a large flat work surface thats rugged enough to stand up to years of hard use. All of these must have features are built into the Big, Little, Common man, and Plantation Workbenches. Each piece is Planed, Jointed, and sanded from 60 to 220 grit, stained, and finished with Polyurethane. The top receives four coats! Our design is for the home handyman who, at one point, will enjoy creating new projects, allowing for advancement into more extensive future projects. For the money, this is one solid garage workbench that will give you years of hard-working service. Check out our NEW! - ADD a Vise Section which turns this bench into an intermediate Wood Workers Bench! This Vise can be added to any of our Benches! Look for accessory Discounts in your shopping Basket! Finally, as good as these workbenches are, you can make it even more versatile by adding several different types of bolt- on woodworking accessories like a tool organizing pegboard back, even bench dogs! Our Clients purchase these Benches for a Host of Uses: * Tool Bench * Wood Working Bench * Jewelry Bench * Computer Desk * Reload Bench * Guitar Building * Electronics Projects * Intermediate Woodworking * Jewelry Bench

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