CC Fine Furniture

1345 N. Red Gum #24
Anaheim, California 92806 United States


Randy Mason is the artisan who built all of the beautiful furniture you see on our website. He has more than 20 years of experience in custom woodworking and furniture building. Randy studied under a Master Artisan, who himself was trained in an apprenticeship in the Black Forest. This contact with this truly gifted man has lead to a passion for the almost forgotten construction methods of the past. Randy employs many of the more traditional methods of woodworking. In the shop we have experience in custom furniture building, as well as European, Commercial, Kitchen and Residential cabinets. Along with schooling in woodworking, we hold an uncommonly extensive knowledge and understanding of state of the art tools, materials and methods, as well as those now considered to be antiquated. We have a special affinity for and knowledge base of those techniques nearly forgotten to modern woodworkers. For more information on who we are, or if you have a question for our expert, contact us at the link below and ask for : The Barefoot Woodworker