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Necessity is the mother of inventions ~ Plato Being a Master Carpenter and probably a little OCD about my tools, trucks, trailers etc, I constantly struggle with where to store things, in particular, sawhorses. They are bulky, odd shaped pieces that never quite have a home in my truck. I like to keep the floor clear in case I need to move some material or a larger piece of equipment and not have to spend time moving things around to get the items in the truck. I recently upgraded to a new Ford Transit work van with a taller ceiling height. I am 6'3 and tired of banging my head on a regular basis so I decided to put a lot of thought into where I put things. I was able to pretty much find spots for everything except the sawhorses. I've used the metal versions, the plastic ones, the wood pre-assembled ones, etc. and none of them fit in my truck. I had one section in my truck left to build and wasn't going to finish it until I designed some sawhorses that would literally fit in this final section of my truck like a glove! I've had this idea in my head for a while, but as you know, it is not easy to find the time to do things that do not qualify as work activities that produce income. I finally solved the problem of where to store my sawhorses and the result was the Patent Pending SawHorsePro! The SawHorsePro comes apart easily and stores flat against the side of my truck and fits perfectly against the side of my shed or garage. I can even store them in a closet in my house, if needed. Having eliminated the need for any hardware or tools to assemble the SawHorsePro has allowed me to set it up quickly on any job. The assembly is so easy, even my girlfriend has set it up and taken it down for me at home. It works better than any other sawhorse (or set of sawhorses) except there is much more that you can do with them. They are more stable, lighter and set-up in seconds without any tools and they store almost anywhere! They are infinitely configurable to your specific job as well. Grab a few for your job, home or truck and let me know what you think! Thanks for your interest !

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