Custom Cut Lumber

PO Box 810
, Texas 75925 United States


CUSTOM CUT LUMBER We do wholesale lumber sales / quantities and even small mill direct retail orders to individuals. We cut a wide variety of divers hardwood & softwood lumber orders. These include furniture grade lumber, wide table / counter top / slabs, solid desk tops, mantles, flooring, siding, molding, beams, timber frame materials, new construction framing lumber, oak trailer decking and much more. Most of our Lumber is sold Rough Cut and is cut full dimensions (true 2 x 4). Lumber comes with circle saw or band saw markings and occasionally chainsaw mill marking for very wide unplanned table top slabs. Planed lumber is available up to 30 wide 8 tall We produce and sell high grade profile shaped and jointed lumber East Texas has some very fine quality wood. We cut diverse oak species, black walnut, hickory, pine, cedar, sweet gum, hack berry and other wood species as they are available. MATERIAL WE SUPPLY: -- WIDE HIGH GRADE SLABS -- (The live edge and bark are left on many of the slabs & planks) - Beautiful and unique slabs good for: Fire Place Mantles, Kitchen and Bath Counter Tops, Tables Tops, Conference Table, Coffee / End Table, Bar Top Counter, Fine Crafted Furniture, Solid Desk, Kitchen Island, Chair and Bench seat boards and backs, Work Bench, Sign Board Backing Wide Planks -- Beams and Timbers -- Truss beams, Barn Timbers, Heavy Bridge Beams, Headers, Wall Studs, Joists, Rafters, Fireplace Mantles -- Log cabin logs -- Pole logs with or without bark, Half round log stair treads, Peeled posts for porches, Columns, Pillars and Pole buildings, Driveway Arch Timbers -- Tree Cookies, circle cut / oval cut tree slices, Taxidermy Mounts -- Live edge lumber -- Window Frame and Sill Boards, Fascia roof edge boards, Shelf boards, Rustic Fence boards -- Twig work Railing Lattice branches, Spindles and small log Rails -- Siding -- Board and Batten Siding, Rustic live edge siding, Ship Lap Siding, Tongue and Groove Siding, Log Style Siding, Half Round Slabs, Interior Paneling Boards, Lap siding (also called Bevel or Clapboard siding) -- Flooring -- hardwood or pine tongue & groove Flooring, Wood flooring stock, Sub flooring, Board planking ( in place of plywood ), Decking boards -- Concrete form boards -- Bracing for temporary construction support, Lumber for scaffolding work platforms -- Round dowels -- Wooden pegs for mortise and tendon joinery -- Shaped Profile & Jointed Lumber -- M...