Ecoshel Cedar Shingles

po Box 350
, Georgia 30350 United States


The Ecoshel SmartShingle System is a new and better way to install cedar shingles for both roofing and siding applications. Ecoshel installs faster, performs better, lasts longer, and costs less installed than conventional shingles. As siding, Ecoshel protects the underlying structure from decay better than any other conventional siding. Ecoshel is the first and only cedar shingle panel that uses true, full size, western red cedar shingles, and can be used for roofing as well as siding. The shingles are connected to each other, not to a backerboard. Just matching guide numbers, when starting a new course, provides a perfect installation automatically, with all joints between shingles offset at least 1.5 inches from the joints in the next two courses, as required by code. The system optimizes the position of joints to eliminate leaks even in extreme weather. When properly installed, true shingles are exceptionally weatherproof because the overlapping layers provide multiple barriers to precipitation, with each layer redirecting water back to the surface. While the Ecoshel System is virtually leakproof, it also provides superior ventilation that eliminates trapped moisture from other sources, such as window leaks, condensation, and solar vapor drive . Ridges on the back of the shingles provide a built in ventilated rainscreen that eliminates trapped moisture without the trouble and expense of installing a separate rainscreen system. Choosing a rainscreen installation is an important decision. When siding is installed directly on the housewrap, solar vapor drive can force trapped moisture through the vapor permeable housewrap, causing mold and decay in the sheathing, and inside the wall. This hidden decay often determines the lifespan of the structure. Unventilated installations can result in significant levels of decay inside the walls in as little as ten years. Ecoshel also provides ventilation between shingle layers, which prevents trapped water between shingles, and promotes drying. Shingles that can dry on both sides are less likely to warp or cup, and will last longer.