Global Teak Inc.

530, S RTE 73
Winslow, New Jersey 08095 United States


1)Provides exotic woods such as natural asian teak, for boats/yachts (tectona Grandis), Mahagony, Indian rosewood,Other asian rosewoods, satin wood, Ironwood, and other exotic hardwoods. 2) Supplies African hardwoods such as Sapelle, Sipo (utile) , Mahogany (khaya), wenge, Iroko ebony and zebrawood 3) South American hardwoods such as Ipe decking, Jatoba (Brazilian cherry), Cumaru and spanish cedar 4) Many domestic hardwoods 5)Does high end custom woodworking and trim work. (residential/commercial) 6) Provide all services to interior designers/arch. such as drafting services, shop drawings, and deliver wood working projects. 4)Provides all exotic solid and engineered hardwood floorings.