James Jastremski Custom Furniture

704 Terry Lane
, Illinois 60542 United States


Creating custom furniture has been my focus for many years. My skills include consulting with my clients on their design specifications, building, finishing and installing - delivering sophisticated furniture and cabinets to fit my customer's custom needs. I have a complete workshop which helps me efficiently perform almost any shaping, sizing and surface preparation operation involved in making custom wood furniture. Another major factor in achieving a professional result is the surface finish. While skill and experience are definitely required, modern wood, custom finishing materials are available, and give showroom results. They are readily available in a variety of colors and can be mixed to match existing pieces of furniture. A related area where I have also applied these skills is in the repair of damaged or broken wood furniture. This covers fixing or replacing fractured elements, dismantling and re-gluing loose assemblies, repairing surface damage or removing and replacing an old finish. A good fix can restore the beauty, utilization and value of a loved piece of furniture. I hope this information will give you a good picture of my skills and how I may assist you in your custom requirements.