JCG Fine Woodworking

6127 W Mary Jane Lane
Glendale, Arizona 85306 United States


JCG Fine Woodworking features the exclusive designs of Jack Giudilli. Jack who has become known as The Woodweaver aquired this name as a result of his style of weaving woods in his art and his style of woven panels made from the worlds most exotic as well as domestic woods in his unique furniture, doors and architectural panels. Jack grew up and spent the first 30 years of his life in upstate N.Y.. He attended Syracuse University and studied at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute of Art. His interest in wood and its possibilities came at an early age when at 12 years old he made his first piece as a gift for his parents using hand tools. This feeling grew and in his later teens served an apprenticeship for 2 summers with a Master in Boston where he learned restoration and the ways of the old Masters. He has worked with wood all his life from building custom homes, custom cabinetry and custom furniture. At the age of 30 he migrated to the west where he lived in Utah and work on the Navajo Reservation, this is where he learned to appreciate the beauty of the Southwest. He was amazed at the landscape of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. He has made Arizona his home and has lived in Arizona since the mid 80's He has combined his early experiences of New England and his fascination of the Southwest into his work. After 40+ years he still works alone in his studio and has created many works for both professionals and families through out his journey. He invites you to look at his works and is more than happy to provide you with his available works or will meet with you to consider a commission. You may contact Jack at 602-978-2995 or email him at woodweaver@att.net.