La Puerta Originals

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 United States


What is now La Puerta Originals, started as one man's vision. Two decades ago, Scott Coleman, an architect and custom builder and traveler, adopted a hobby of combing the world for antique doors and old wood. The materials he initially salvaged were being discarded or destroyed in their countries of origin. The beauty of the pieces inspired him to recreate them into functional art. He began to fashion these old doors into new interior doors, impressive entry doors, wood gates, ornamental shutters and more. Scott's passion soon became his life's work when he founded La Puerta in 1992. Our mission is to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom doors, rustic and contemporary furniture and accents from architectural antiques and old wood. All our creations are manufactured by hand, designed in collaboration with our clients, and crafted in an environmentally friendly manner. We are proud that our work not only adds warmth and beauty to your home, but helps to preserve our world's natural resources and limit further deforestation.

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