Mark Jonathan Mueller, Cabinetmaker

122 Meadow View Lane
Bainbridge, Pennsylvania 17502 United States


Mark Jonathan Mueller, Cabinetmakers, is a small one man shop dedicated to building some of the finest furniture available. Mark specializes in 18th century reproductions but is not limited to these. He will gladly work with you to custom design and construct any style of case piece, bed, chair, table or upholstered piece you desire. All of our work is done with some of the finest kiln dried solid woods to insure the lasting durability of the piece you commission. The quality of workmanship is evident in the attention given to details such as the traditional joinery of the hand-cut dovetails and pegged mortise and tenon joints. Our first priority is that you, the customer, will get exactly what you desire. When you commission us to build a piece, you will be investing in furniture that is solidly built, carefully crafted and which will be able to be passed down in your family for generations.

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