Pegg-Whitney Woodworks

2823 Central Avenue NE
, Minnesota 55418 United States


Pegg-Whitney Woodworks is a Minneapolis based firm specializing in custom architectural doors and windows. Every door and window is hand made, completely custom and produced from the highest quality lumber available. The company uses no computer aided equipment in production to ensure that each door and window provides the beauty and timeless elegance that only a hand crafted piece can portray. In addition to custom pieces, Pegg-Whitney also specializes in reproduction work, producing doors and windows to the exact specifications of existing items. The company has produced round top doors, elliptical top doors and windows, oval windows, as well as pieces of completely unique shapes and sizes. Pegg-Whitney Woodworks has a long standing reputation for building the highest quality doors and windows for over 25 years. Many luxurious commercial and residential establishments around the country have relied on Pegg-Whitney because of the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship the company provides. Using thicker veneers, a more solid and stable core and the finest craftsman in the industry allows Pegg-Whitney Woodworks to provide a product far superior to the competition in both quality and beauty.