Randolph Dimension Corp.

P.O. Box 146
Randolph, New York 14772 United States


Randolph Dimension Corp. is a manufacturer of hardwood dimension stock for the furniture idustry. Our product has been successfully used by major US furniture companies throughout the nation and we have made a commitment to make the same quality product available to home woodworkers across the country. We will continue to service major manufacturers while beginning to target the more individualized customer.

We are introducing our furniture kits that include custom plans, hardware and all necessary hardwood panels to produce a beautiful, lasting piece of furniture. These kits are NOT ready-to-assemble pieces, but do require basic woodworking knowledge and tools to complete. You can use our instructions or add your own ideas, either way you will have a final piece that you can take pride in and say "I built it myself!".

We are also offering a wide range of panels and rails in different sizes and species of hardwood that can be purchased for all of your home projects. One of the biggest challenges for the serious woodworker is to find quality hardwood materials in different species at a relatively low cost. We can give you a source for these materials.