Shannon Woodworks, Ltd.

20 Shannon Lane
Mansfield, Massachusetts 02048 United States


Shannon Woodworks, Ltd. is a manufacturer of custom, solid hardwood furniture and accessories for the home and office. Classic design and expert craftsmanship form the basis of quality inherent in all our pieces. Our clients appreciate the timeless appeal of simple, well proportioned furnishings and are drawn to our handmade quality and personal interest in creating a piece that will become a family heirloom. We want our clients to be proud of our products and the input they had in the design. Our Philosophy . . . At Shannon Woodworks we take great pride in being able to work with one of natures most remarkable gifts. The character and beauty of American hardwoods can suit virtually any setting and have been used by craftsmen for centuries to create the worlds finest pieces. Finding the particular board with just the right grain and color is just one of the things that separates our furniture from mass produced factory pieces.We are heavily influenced by the timeless grace and proportion of the Shaker style of furniture. The complexity of the joinery is masked by the simplicity of form. While we do not attempt to produce reproductions of Shaker work we try and use the principles of workmanship, proportion, and function to guide us in our design. We work with our custmers to achieve a balance of these tennants and what works in their home.