Shoji Designs

PO Box 1122
, Washington 98359 United States


Shoji Designs Company manufactures Japanese shoji screens for residential and commercial applications and we ship anywhere. Our custom-built shoji screens combine the beauty of a traditional Japanese shoji screen with the durability necessary in a modern Western home. Lacquer-finished frames are held together with a sliding dovetail joint which is strong and reversible so if the shoji paper or kumiko should ever be damaged, the frame can be disassembled and parts replaced. Our standard shoji screens are double sided with the kumiko (grid work) on both sides of the door for added support to the paper and we use only reinforced Japanese rice papers. We work very closely with your architect, contractor or finish carpenter to insure your screens are a perfect fit. Shoji Designs offers shoji screens in different woods and kumiko styles, we have reinforced rice paper in a variety of colors and patterns. Shoji Designs can also supply you with materials for your own projects, please see our website for additional information.

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