Starkwood Designs

334 Seven Acres Road
Parkersburg, West Virginia 26104 United States


Starkwood Designs produces 100% custom wood furniture, accessories, gifts, and our niche specialty - wood window cornices. However, instead of deciding on 6-12 patterns or designs and customizing our designs with different finishes or colors, we offer truly 100% custom flexibility! Nothing is stock and nothing is pre-assembled. Each item is built from scratch using fine hardwoods, hardwood moldings, and veneered, cabinet-grade plywood and carved and embossed embellishments to produce painted, antiqued, stained or natural finished wood of the highest quality. Our creations are characterized by meticulous joinery, tight miter joints and quality finishes as well as a level of attention to the customer's design specifications that is not readily available elsewhere. While we do not employ a workroom or seamstress or produce fully upholstered or fabric-covered window cornices at this time, we do include wallpaper, fabric, and some padded fabric (inserts), embroidered fabric (inserts), and stained glass embellishments within our repertoire. We will also accept your wallpaper or fabric and use it in the making of your cornice. But the most important of our abilities - regardless of whether it is a small jewelry box or a home entertainment center - is that of taking a client's ideas from sketch to reality without the limitations of other so-called custom fabricators. From simple to ornate...Starkwood Designs wants to build it the way you designed it! Starkwood Designs builds what you...the designer/client...request. There are virtually no limitations other than the capabilities of the wood itself and the ability to ship the item to it's destination.

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