Travis Owen Furniture

6250 W. Evans Creek Rd.
Rogue River, Oregon 97537 United States


Making something dead into a living breathing useful implement for human use is rewarding as it is strange. You don't have to understand it to like it. And you use it without having to like it. Everyone has furniture, some of it just has more soul. I use locally harvested wood (such as pallet wood and old logs I stumble upon) as well as locally bought wood to build tables, cabinets, and whatever I feel like. I use machines to do the major shaping, but try to do most of the joinery and final shaping by hand. Each piece has it's own unique vibe just as every piece of wood has a different personality. I find inspiration from patterns in nature, industry, and great woodworkers like James Krenov and Alan Peters. In the end, I want the wood I have chosen to sing loudly in harmony within the form of the piece I have created.

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