Viridian Wood Products

PO Box 82697
Portland, Oregon 97282 United States


Viridian specializes in providing our customers the best selection of unique, 100% FSC and reclaimed wood products, including flooring, siding, paneling, tabletops and custom millwork. All of our products are certified 100% recycled by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the global standard for responsible forestry. Our sourcing arrangements bring together a wide variety of products from rough-hewn softwoods to gorgeous, high-quality tropical hardwoods. We are committed to finding the best use for all our reclaimed products to reduce demand for new lumber. In doing so we have pioneered an innovative business model that is both environmentally and economically advantageous for our customers. At Viridian sustainability is not merely an ideal to work towards; conserving our natural resources is the very foundation we grew from. It is fundamental to our culture and affects everything we do. We are proud that our work has been internationally recognized to help preserve the world's remaining forests and combat global warming.